Weekly photo challenge: Eerie

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, this week’s challenge is eerie.

We have two photos this week, one new and one old. The top shot was taken on a late October morning as we headed out of town on a road trip. The fog-softened silhouettes and the spotlight effect of the sun brought an air of mystery to the drive. The second photo was taken in a cypress swamp in 2011 at the site of the Battle of Jenkins Ferry.  The original post is here: https://suburbanferndaleark.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/battle-of-jenkins-ferry/.  The shadows and reflections — one in particular — looked like the ghostly image of a man standing with his hands in his pockets.

Silhouette of car in sunrise.
OUT OF THE MIST. A car comes out of the fog lit by the just-risen sun.
Cypress swamp.
GHOSTS — After downloading this image of the Saline River, something remarkable showed on the screen that didn’t show in the viewfinder. In the middle left, there appears the image of a man standing at ease, with his hands in his pockets. With a little more imagination, reflections of the other cypresses in the water could be ghosts of armies past.

Soft morning

Mist left by the previous evening’s rain made for a beautifully soft sunrise. One of the nice things about carpooling with my husband is that he drives and I can shoot.

Mist-softened sunrise, silhouetted trees.
Sun peers out from between the silhouettes of tree canopies and fence line.


Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette II

Lots of sun-made silhouettes in this week’s challenge, including our first entry. Let’s give the moon its due.

NIGHTTIME SILHOUETTE —  May 5 “Super Moon” backlights these leaves and branches.

Other silhouettes from this week’s challenge:

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

What a way to start the day! Sunrise over the local pond on Oct. 18, 2012. The intense colors throw the autumn woods into silhouette.

MORNING — Sun and clouds combine for a breathtaking view on the way to work.

And the homepage for this week’s weekly photo challenge:

Other silhouettes to see:

And since you’ve read this far down, here’s what we saw as the sun went to bed the evening before the above sunrise:

GOOD NIGHT — Sun sinks into a deck of clouds the evening of Oct. 17, 2012, before disappearing over Oklahoma and points west.

New interchange

Workers get ready to pour concrete atop a pillar that will carry traffic between Interstate 430 and Interstate 630 in west Little Rock, a project being called the Big Rock Interchange*. They probably had the city’s best view of the morning commuters. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department posted this YouTube animation to show what might be when the earth movers and orange barrels are gone.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- Construction workers atop a pillar being poured as part of the I-430, I-630 interchange improvements.

*Not sure if “Big Rock,” is a play on Boston’s tunnel project, the “Big Dig,” or a nod to “Big Rock Township,” a governmental subdivision created in 1823. The townships are largely antiquated and have very little in terms of political function. We think the only office Big Rock has is the elected constabulary.