Summer flashback

After a mostly gray, soggy and cold week, it was nice to find reminders of summers past in the photo files.  Each year, we enjoy the aerial antics of the ruby-throated hummingbirds who spend the summer with us  following their  yearly migration from central America.  Their quickness of wing is always a challenge for the little pocket digital cameras, but that doesn’t keep us from trying to capture them in pixels.

Hummingbird at feeder.
Hummingbird goes in for refueling. Taken July 19, 2014.



Hummingbird season has started here in central Arkansas, but sadly, we have lost one of our regular visitors, probably due an crash with our living room window. Finding him on the sidewalk presented a rare opportunity to take a closer look at one of these incredible birds. The iridescent plumage was almost unreal — like metal.  RIP Napoleon II.

Hummingbird feathers
FEATHERS — Closeup of ruby throated hummingbird feathers.

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Hummingbirds are a regular fixture in the spring and summer here on the mountain. The dominant bird finds the spot with the most commanding view leaving only to chase other birds away from the feeder.

CHECK ME OUT – Napoleon, the summer’s big bird, in full fluff atop the staff that usually carries the flag. 
IN FLIGHT — Hummingbird leaves his perch.

Napoleon is mad …

And who wouldn’t be? When was the last time we had a dry weekend? (well, OK, last weekend WAS an exception!)  More than 4 inches of rain has fallen since noon Friday and Sunday arrived complete with another barrage of lightning, thunder and a few chunks of hail for good measure.

Ruby throated hummingbird
Napoleon, the only ruby-throated hummingbird on the deck, takes command of the high ground on between heavy rain. He and the rufous hummingbirds constantly battle for control of the feeders.
rain gage
Four inches and counting ...