Something about squirrels

Darn it. More rodents-are-cute photos.  Top photo looked better in the view finder, but still like how graceful he appears, even with motion blur.

LEAPS AND BOUNDS — Squirrel bounds along the porch railing.
NUTTY — Squirrel pauses with his catch of the moment. And while he’s gathering his breakfast, note the big tick on his left “arm” also getting breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy I

This week features a photo taken by friends Tamara and Jack: a portrait of Blossom the groundhog. Blossom’s job is stealing the fruits of their garden labors, though Jack has been known to give her treats. Here she is happily nibbling away. Dang. Rodents can be cute, even if they do eat your squash.

GROUNDHOG NOM-NOMS — Blossom, the garden thief, enjoys food given, not stolen. According to Wikipedia, groundhogs are also known as whistle-pigs and land beavers.

We’ll probably have more happy as the weekend progresses.

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