Sometimes, it pays to look back

Advent is a time of looking forward — preparing one’s self for the feast of Christmas. However, after last night’s vigil Mass for the final Sunday of Advent, looking back paid off too.

For almost 24 hours, nature had soaked the state in a deluge that saw nearly 8 inches of rain fall in parts of the Arkansas Delta. The same system also spawned tornadoes in other parts of the state. When the heavy rain finally stopped, those leaving church were welcomed by a fiery orange sunset. En route to the parking lot,  paused on the steps to take a shot or two of the sunset with my iPhone (bottom photo). But something made me look back. And there over the church, the sky glowed with a luminous double rainbow.

The iPhone’s ‘pano’ setting sure  came in handy in trying to capture such a wide view. 
Fiery sunset
Fiery sunset with the old bell tower in silhouette. 

Sky high color

In contrast to the monochromes of our  last post and today’s Isaac-leaden skies, here are two shots with a little more color.

HIGH ALTITUDE HALO — Ice crystals form a shallow rainbow arc in the sky before Isaac arrives.
MONDAY RAINBOW — Rainbow gleams after a cloud showered commuters on the Monday ride home earlier this week.

Fall color III

Hardwoods don’t have a monopoly on fall color. Sometimes, you just have to look a little more closely at the landscape.

TORTOISE SHELL -- No doubt the reddish spots are some kind of fungal disease, but when backlit, this blade of Johnsongrass looks almost like tortoiseshell.
PURPLE -- Johnsongrass seedheads mellow into a deep mauve.
COLD COLOR -- High altitude ice crystals are the prism for this rainbow.
FALL FLOWERS -- Late purple asters live up to their name, still blooming in early October.

East and west

Days of drought were interrupted by a pair of popup thunderstorms. The light from the setting sun hit the mist left by the storm creating a beautiful yellow light. It was a given I’d run out with the camera. The picture hardly captures the beauty of the sunset. Took the shot and turned to go and download it to the computer. That’s when I looked east and was stunned by a beautiful double rainbow.

YELLOW -- Setting sun meets mist left by a summer storm.
ARC -- Rainbow crosses the sky -- a Photoshop stitched image.