Waiting for a windfall

The leaves are long gone, but dozens of sweet juicy persimmons hang tantalizingly in the tree’s branches. Some raccoons will climb to get the lower hanging fruit. The rest will just wait for the wind to do the work for them.

Sweet autumn treats could be a windfall for some lucky raccoon. These are the same fruits that produce the “magic” seeds that are used in folkways winter predictions. 

All I wanted was breakfast

This young bandit was probably on an early morning raid for dumpster delicacies in the office parking lot and became startled, running for the nearest shelter. His inexperience showed in his choice of a very short tree with very few leaves. The frightened little guy remained treed until just afternoon, climbing slowly down the tree then bolting for cover. He looks like he could’ve used a big hug.

UP A TREE -- This young raccoon became quite the celebrity at the office on Monday, attracting stares, cameras and sympathy from almost everyone who passed.
IT'S A STRETCH -- The young raccoon tries to get comfortable -- or invisible -- in his perch. (Photo courtesy Kerry R.)

Going back through the archives, this photo turned up. Possibly the same scared bandit. This time, he’s making a beeline from the woods to the cover of shrubs planted under the windows.

SCRAMBLING FOR SHELTER -- Impressionistic photo of a young raccoon exploring the grounds between the office and the greenbelt.