Ornithology edition-UPDATE

The snow has hit and is falling fast. Friend and colleague Donna took  this shot of a hawk sheltering against the snow just outside her window.  Just amazing!

Red-tailed hawk in pine tree
Red-tailed hawk takes refuge from the snow storm in a pine tree.

This morning:

With a snow storm on the way, the local bird population seemed more active and visible than usual. Dozens of dark eyed Juncos came speed-grazing through the yard, from east to west, almost as if they were stocking up. Meanwhile, eastern bluebirds, wrens and crows were flitting through the bare winter branches.

two hungry birds
Two of a flock of dozens of birds peck their way through the winter landscape.
Wrens fluff their feathers against arctic air.
Wrens fluff their feathers against arctic air.
bluebird pair in trees
Male and female bluebirds -- hard to spot amid the gray tangle of branches.
Goldfinch looks for remaining grass seeds.


Bufflehead cruises its winter home
A lone bufflehead cruises the pond that has been his winter home over the last few years.




Another winter birds scene, 1,700 miles west — this purple finch was enjoying a pomegranate on a cloudy December day in San Diego.

Purple finch
Purple finch enjoys a feast of juicy pomegranates left on the tree.