Weekly Photo Challenge: An unusual POV II

This black-capped chickadee is seeing his breakfast from an unusual point of view — completely inverted.

Chickadee eating flower seeds

And a few other points of view:

And the main repository of unusual points of view this week:

Weekly photo challenge: An unusual POV

These visitors to the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Ark., should be looking at the modern art collection that surrounds them, but have chosen an unusual point of view — staring out the window at the lake in middle of the museum.

At Crystal Bridges
At Crystal Bridges museum’s modern art gallery over the Labor Day weekend.

The chief source for unusual points of view:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/unusual/

And a few others:


Didn’t see much going on in Suburban Ferndale yesterday, but those days really prompt one to look deeper. Much of Saturday’s photo stroll was spent in the dirt, peering at the world from below.

HELMET FLOWERS — The beauty of these blue helmet flowers contrasts against the white sky.
BUG VASES — These tiny terracotta vases may be last year’s stinkbug egg cases.
TALL AND STRAIGHT — as the trees behind it. This beautifully symmetrical mushroom had a nearly perfectly round orange cap. The fungus was found  on the grounds of the C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center.
DARK SIDE — Of course, death is part of nature too. Finding the remains of this tarantula was particularly sad. We become fond of these fuzzy arachnids when they appear.