Shadows of former lives.

Despite being home for a week, our thoughts are still on the road somewhere along the vast flatness that is the prairie land of the Dakotas, the vibrance of “The Cities,” and the cornfields of Iowa.

View of road with headlights.
Evening lit by headlights heading south on I-29 in South Dakota.
Windshield splotches cast shadows on dashboard
Shadows of former insects fall across the dash.
Concrete tepee at a rest stop in southern South Dakota.
Looking up through the top of a concrete tepee at an interstate rest stop in southern South Dakota. Someone's now-deflated football joins a bird's nest as addenda to the structure.
Big white booty
Polar bear at the Como Park zoo in St. Paul cools his booty on a hot summer day.
Shadows on stone
Shadows sweep the stone at Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota.
abandoned farmhouse
Abandoned house sits alone near Stack Slough WMA in North Dakota.
Lone tree in Iowa
Lone tree breaks up the horizon, along with wind turbines, in northern Iowa.

Como Park Zoo

Half of the population of the Twin Cities was at St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo the day we visited. ¬†Gorgeous late summer day that was bright, clear and dry with a high only in the 80s. (in contrast to our triple-digit temps in Arkansas.)

Tortoise slogs uphill
Mother to child: "Honey, look at the big turtle!" Child to mother (with eye roll): "It's a tortoise, mom."
Zoo visitors see polar bear swimming
Visitors crowd around the glass to see one of the Como Park Zoo's two polar bears take a dip.
Zoo patrons viewing gorillas
Only glass separates fellow primates at the Como Park Zoo.
Sleeping lioness
In the jungle -- the urban jungle -- the lion(ess) sleeps today.
Como giraffe
High and mighty in St. Paul.