All y’all, it’s fall!

Fall has definitely made its presence known here in the Arkansas Ouachitas!


An after market telephoto lens with really terrible optics can still create intriguing images with its distortion. In these images, rain falling through 29-degree air is coating branches and pine needles with ice.
Branches with icicle stubs. Having fun with terrible aftermarket lens. Jan. 11, 2015.

Tree bones

What’s left when the tree’s life is gone.

In the bleak early winter

Somehow, the Ouachita Mountains seem to make the rainiest and foggiest days beautiful. Shooting through the rain-streaked glass gave the image a 19th century feel.

windswept Ouachita landscape
Gothic horror setting as a winter rainstorm sweeps through the Ouachita Mountains.
sepia style image of a foggy day in the Ouachita Mountains
Oaks and pines stand together in a winter rain. (Samsung Fascinate photo)
rain streaked window
The rain streaked window offers a wonderful distortion. There was still enough ambient light to show the subtle browns of oak leaves clinging to the tree.