Fair weather feathered friend

The weather here in the Mid-South has been so gloomy. Fog and more fog and rain on top of rain. Not that we don’t need the rain, but at some point, you just want to believe the sun will show its face again. Yesterday was that day.  The sun shone for a few hours, enough time to bring out the birds, get the rock knockers calling to their mates and to do some long overdue car washing.

1-21-2017Cardinal 2.jpg
Mr. Cardinal out enjoying yesterday’s brief few hours of sunshine. 


On pins and needles

The probability of pine needles landing more or less vertically seems to me to have the about same probability of a tossed coin landing on its edge. Which is why this sight grabbed my eye. A green swath with pine needles landed heads down, sticking up from the grass like a little forest of lawn darts. Alas, the lawnmower man came by the next day and the needle forest was gone.

Pine needles sticking up from the grass.
Needles sticking up from the grass.

The stark beauty of a foggy winter’s day

For most of the last week, winter has cast a foggy, rainy spell over our part of the Arkansas Ouachitas. This is how nature makes her own monochromes.

 fog-shrouded silhouettes of pines, oaks and hickories
The fog-shrouded silhouettes of pines, oaks and hickories describe the angle of descent to the south valley.


Blackjack oak
Bared of its leaves, except for a few tatters, this blackjack oak looks almost prickly.