Mother Goose

Goose and pair of goslings on a family outing in the rain in Goshen, Arkansas. There were two families of geese with goslings close in age. The group seemed to move together always in the two days we saw them.

Goose and two goslings.
Goose and goslings on a family outing in Goshen, Arkansas.
Two goose families
Two families of Canada geese stick together in a subdivision pond in Goshen, Arkansas.

Holding back the sun

Thick mist holds back the morning sun at the Fruit Research Station in Clarksville, Arkansas. Taken Dec. 9, 2014, near one of the station’s peach orchards.

Peach trees in the mist.
MIST IN THE ORCHARD — The sun, filtered  by heavy fog, throws peach trees in silhouette at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Fruit Research Station.

Weekly photo challenge: Horizon

Horizons can be open or cluttered, vast or close.

Horizons we enjoyed seeing this week:

And of course, the event horizon for horizon photos:

Autumn colors 2013

Here it is late October and the Ouachitas are just beginning to turn.  Even though the woods are mostly green, there’s still plenty of autumn color around. Photos taken today and yesterday.


Greer’s Ferry Lake

Anglers and boaters love Arkansas. Greer’s Ferry Lake and Heber Springs are a magnet for those who love to do both. Here’s what the lake looked like on Aug. 7.

Greers Ferry
BRIGHT -- Summer day shows Greers Ferry Lake to its best advantage.

Sugarloaf is another landmark in the Heber Springs area. Part of the Ozark Plateau, years of erosion have left it sloped, with deck of sedimentary rock (Bloyd Shale?)  at the top.

Sugar Loaf
SUGARLOAF -- The top of this mountain features a platform that resisted erosion -- a nice contrast to its tree bedecked slopes.
Sugar loaf
UP CLOSE -- A closer view of the top of Sugarloaf.

The late summer blues.

March 1, 2013, UPDATE: Thanks to Dan Chaffee, who ID’d this as a red spotted purple. Will have to hunt harder!

Some days, you just get the blues, in a good way. The Diana fritillary butterfly is the state butterfly of Arkansas.


Diana Fritillary butterfly
This Diana fritillary butterfly rests in the driveway while the truck gets a bath. These beautiful blue butterflies have a rather limited range, preferring the Ozarks, Ouachitas, Appalachians and Piedmont areas. We’re glad to have them here in the Ouachitas.
Blue morning glories
Blue morning glories reach for the sun.
Diana frilliary butterfly
After chasing these butterflies for a year, finally, FINALLY, clear images. This one stuck around for hours during car washing day.