Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgic

This week’s challenge, “nostalgic,” isn’t a hard one, considering 1) celebrated my 50th birthday this week — a natural place to look back on one’s life, and 2) the wonderful take-you-back-to-your-childhood gift my husband found: a box full of candy someone born in 1963 would remember from his or her childhood.

Box full of can
From candy necklaces to Zotz and everything in between.

This was quite a collection, including boxes of what used to be candy cigarettes, a bubblegum “Pink Owl” cigar, wax lips,  Dots, Turkish Taffy and a bag full of yellow candy-covered bubblegum bits packaged as “gold nuggets.” You can see my dentist smiling already.

The cover of the candy-bearing box and the super sparkly tiara with the big 50 in front, another gift from my husband. It was truly a happy birthday!

Others gone nostalgic:

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