Serenity now!

Just one of those evenings where the only things to say are “oooooh” and “aaaaah.”

Thin crescent moon in sunset.
Crescent moon shines as setting sun paints the sky.

And the sharp-eyed observers in Greenbrier, Arkansas, found a planet hiding in the pixels. Props to @AstroScanObs!

Asto Scan

Weekly photo challenge: Infinite

Day or night, the sky offers infinite possibilities.

Milky Way against dark sky.
MILKY WAY — A seeming infinity of stars as seen from our patch of Arkansas. (Oh, that thing in the lower right is the satellite dish of infinite channels.)

SHELFISH --Shelf cloud sweeps across the Ouachitas ahead of an Oct. 12 cold front.

SHELFISH — Eerily smooth and pink-lit shelf cloud sweeps across the Ouachitas ahead of an Oct. 12 cold front.
Dual lightning bolts.
BOLT — Storm casts two bolts. This is what followed the shelf cloud above.
And some other delightful entries:

Night skies

Compact digital cameras are a little like haiku. With both, there is a seemingly infinite amount of expression that can be coaxed from a device for creativity whose form is subject to certain dictates. In haiku, there is a narrow path defined for words by number of on. In compact digital photography, the narrow path for light is determined by optics, sensors and software.

That being said, it doesn’t mean we don’t try to push the limits of what these little  electronic wonders can do. Below are attempts at stretching the cameras into capturing the clear and cloudless night skies that appear with autumn’s Canadian cold fronts.* (see disclaimers below)

CITY GLOW — Even 18 miles outside of downtown Little Rock, there’s still the glow of the metropolis.
MILKY WAY — An attempt to capture the Milky Way.

* Disclaimer I: Owner’s manual? What’s that?
* Disclaimer II: These photos do not capture the sheer not-in-vain OH MY GOD! awe of the night sky. I never tire of gazing admiringly at the immensity above.