Weekly photo challenge: Split-second story

Split-second love story.

Shadow of a bridge
Bridging land and people.

Other split-second stories we liked:

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Nature has its signs too. The orange hourglass on the underside of the black widow says look, but don’t touch.

Orange hourglass is a clue to her identity.
Black widow spider found hanging around near the house while doing yardwork this morning. She’s the second one we’ve seen in about a week.

Other signs:

And the big sign challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/weekly-photo-challenge-the-sign-says/

2012 fall colors in the Ouachitas

What a beautiful autumn here in Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains. We’ll let the forest speak for itself.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette II

Lots of sun-made silhouettes in this week’s challenge, including our first entry. Let’s give the moon its due.

NIGHTTIME SILHOUETTE —  May 5 “Super Moon” backlights these leaves and branches.

Other silhouettes from this week’s challenge: