Burst of pink

This summer has been rather rainy here on the eastern side of the Arkansas Ouachitas. The abundant rain and temperate, um, temperatures, may account for the steady parade of wildflowers we’ve not seen before. These pinks popped up last weekend. Don’t know what they are yet (possibly smooth phlox?), but they sure stand out among the greenery.

pink flowers in grass

Group of pink flowers in grass.
Did not see him while composing this image, but there appears to be a little fishing spider on the blade of grass on the right edge of the picture.

Purple bee balm

Many of the photos in this blog are taken along paths trod time and time again on weekend “photo safaris,” which usually consist of an hour walking an area less than a half-mile radius from the house. There are mornings where the thought forms, (with sigh): “There doesn’t seem to be anything new today.” And almost before it’s completed, something new does appear. This was the first time in all the years on the mountain that we’d seen these purple bee balms. These were perched comfortably on a steep, south-facing slope.

Purple monarda
Purple bee balm.

Weekly photo challenge: Twist

This week’s photo challenge is twist.  The rays of this wild purple coneflower seem be slowly unfurling — with a twist — in the shadows of the Ouachita Mountain woodlands.

Purple coneflower.
Purple coneflower.

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Weekly photo challenge: On the move

This week’s challenge is On the Move. Here’s what’s been moving in the trees.

Bee among the peach blossoms.
BUZZIN’ — Honey bee buzzing peach blossoms in April. Faster than my shutter, the motion blur is all his.
Yellow butterfly.
IN FLIGHT – Yellow swallowtail zooms through the Ouachita woods. These big-winged creatures can really speed. Hard to pan and follow.




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