But Mr. Adams

After fireworks and grilling (both of which are forbidden in many parts of Arkansas this year) July Fourth entertainment is often musical, be it the Boston Pops marching out Sousa or Jimmy Cagney singing and dancing in “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” At our house, we’ve taken a liking to the 1972 movie version of “1776.”

“1776” is not one of those musicals whose songs appear on the program at local pops concerts. And most likely you’ve  never anyone whistling “Momma Look Sharp,” or  singing “Cool, Cool Considerate Men,” in the shower. However, there’s just something about “But Mr. Adams,” that just makes us laugh.  Maybe it’s the irresistibly anachronistic barbershop harmonies, or the downright silly rhymes. In any case, it has fun with the behind-the-scenes struggles that eventually gave birth to the Declaration of Independence.

Happy Birthday America!


STARS AND STRIPES — Wind kicks up the flag against the setting sun.
IN MOTION — Taken without flash. Just liked the motion blur in this one.


Fencing , like music, it has its own tempo, rhythm and phrases.  Watching two skilled fencers in motion is almost like a dance — a martial pas de deux.

FIERCE COMPETITION — No matter that one is a philosophy professor and the other a talented 10-year-old, the rules of foil help level the playing field.