Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

This week’s photo challenge is shadowed. The shadows give a sense of depth to the cypress stand in an oxbow in eastern Arkansas. A drive-by shot taken along U.S. 70.

Cypress shadows

Other shadows we liked:


Go with the flow

A squirrel preparing for a hard winter spent much of one gray September morning scurrying about grabbing, then burying nuts behind the office. Speaking of leaping and running, check out this Hertsfordshire man’s Squirrel Grand ‘Nutional’ vid to see if there’s a Sciuridae equivalent of the mighty Arkle.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMHeyDsnW54.


Squirrel leaping with nut.
Squirrel, nut in mouth, streaks toward a hiding place. Taken Sept. 19, 2014.

Weekly photo challenge: From lines to patterns

Seed parachutes made of convergent curves ready to hitch a ride on the breeze.

9-22 About to be free2


9-21 Parachutes2

Getting a line on this weeks’ challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/lines-patterns/ and some nice takes on this week’s challenge:

Life’s a blur

It’s often said that as you get older, life’s a blur. Now we have photographic evidence. [Just a little drive-by photo fun.]

Motion blurred cattle.
Cattle graze in a field below Crowley’s Ridge in eastern Arkansas just off U.S. 70.
Blurred concrete bridge.
Old-style concrete bridge as we speed along U.S. 70 in Monroe Co., Ark.
Row crop field.
Rows are sharp, but the rest of the image blurs as we roll past this field in Lonoke Co., Ark.

Night driving

Nothing like a little night drive down on the outskirts of town. Just what the doctor ordered as therapy for too much computer time.

SHHHH — The school buses are sleeping. Where the school district buses spend their nights in a lot south of Little Rock. Snapped out the window as we whizzed past.


Fencing , like music, it has its own tempo, rhythm and phrases.  Watching two skilled fencers in motion is almost like a dance — a martial pas de deux.

FIERCE COMPETITION — No matter that one is a philosophy professor and the other a talented 10-year-old, the rules of foil help level the playing field.