Big and beautiful

This big and beautiful polyphemus moth was fluttering around the parking lot at work on Friday. Of course I had to take his portrait. More detailed shots of this lovely fellow are below.

Big moth on parking lot stripe.
Big moth — This fellow measured nearly 6 inches from tip to tip.
Closeup of moth wing markings.
A tight shot of the beautiful markings on the moth’s wings.
Closeup of antennae.
A closeup of the polyphemus’ antennae, which looks like a skeletonized leaf.

Night light

A parabolic mirror that rests on one of our sills can cast a very bright spotlight through the window at night when the room light is on. The spot is a magnet for nocturnal insects. This very fuzzly moth parked himself right in the middle earlier this week.

Moth against a dark background.
THAT’S ME IN THE SPOTLIGHT — Moth makes a nighttime stop on a lighted window.