Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

Silhouette” has come up again as a theme for the weekly photo challenge. (The last time was in October 2012.) And again, we turn to our nearest neighbor, using its light to throw other objects in silhouette.


Setting moon obscured by clouds.
Narrow clouds in silhouette against the setting super moon of Aug. 10.


Eastern and west

Another attempt at shooting the night sky. Through the viewfinder it appeared as if the tree was strung with tiny white lights, but it turned out many of the leaves on this struggling oak had their own glint.  Tonight, we’ll stay up to see Mars, the Orionids and maybe, just maybe, catch a glimpse of Comet Ison.  (The Waiting for Ison blog has lovely  illustrations showing what you can expect to see and when, in the night sky.)

Night Sky looking east
Eastern sky last night.
Moonset and sunrise
Western sky this morning with gibbous moon and 360 degree pink ring around the horizon.  

Weekly photo challenge: Color

Keeping the palette tight for this challenge.

The colors of this week’s challenge:

The challenge mother page:


Saturday morning moon show.  Beats cartoons any day. [I’m still amazed that this little point-and-shoot can capture as much detail as it does. In addition to the mare, the photo even shows ejecta blankets.]

Nearly full moon, just an hour or two before setting
The clear sky provides the moon a spectacular setting over the Ouachita Mountains just before moonset.