Weekly photo challenge: Inside

Looking at the world from the inside out for this week’s photo challenge.

INSIDE STORY — Netting keeps keeps humans contained in the appropriate places at the Minnesota Zoo.
THROUGH THE GLASS WAVY — The bright summer colors are muted through fluted glass.

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Inside the glacier
Stained glass
Inside view of India nnd Nepal
In my beak, please!

ZZzzz is for zoo

What to do on a hot, bright June day in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Go to the Minnesota Zoo! What better idea than to see exotic animals in a natural setting while enjoying a beautiful day away from the blue glow of the computer screen and the hubbub of the office. It was vacation, after all.

The zoo was all excitement. Dozens of school buses and minvans were wedged into the parking lot. Families with strollers and adults with “chaperone” tags were clamoring for tickets. Once inside, one could hear see the boundless energy of thousands of elementary school children in their last week of school unleashed in the zoo’s broad walkways.

Weaving our way through the maze of youthful zoologists, we were privileged to hear some of their observations, including: “It smells like poop here” and, after glancing at the tortoises,  “Are those real?”

This brought back youthful memories of school visits to the Bronx Zoo and watching  many and sundry creatures doing what came naturally: grazing, grooming, walking, swinging, flitting, et cetera.

Well, on a hot, bright June day, what we saw at the Minnesota Zoo was a lot of ZZZzzzzzzzz-ing.

AHEM — Can you keep it down? I’m trying to nap here.
WARNING: Exposure to sun can induce sleepiness. Do not operate heavy equipment, including self, while exposed.
TIRED TIGER — A refreshing swim calls for a nap on a bed of grass in the shade.
CARIBOU — After scanning the great expanse of the caribou exhibit for some time, we finally caught these two. Napping. This may be one of my favorite zoo photos ever.

Weekly photo challenge: Friendship

The desert tortoise on the left was quite keen on following the tortoise on the right. Everywhere. If the two weren’t already, it sure seemed as if somebody wanted to be friends. These two made the rounds in their sandy home at the Minnesota Zoo.

TORTOISE TAG — Not exactly a high-speed sport, at least from a mammalian perspective. 

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