Fall gallery

Gadzooks! We’ve been off WordPress for a month? Here’s a gallery for a little catching up on some of October’s sights.


After weeks of rain and cloud cover that denied us a chance to see the Perseids this year we had a run of clear days and nights, giving August’s blue moon a chance to shine. Ran out on the deck before work to capture it. As I clicked off frame after frame, the local hummingbirds swirled around in their usual aerial battles. One of them managed a little photobombing.

Blue moon setting over the misty Ouachitas.
Full moon.
Tighter shot of our August blue moon.


After two days of nervously watching the forecast swing from clear to mostly cloudy skies, we were elated to see the clouds roll back before sunset to reveal a magnificently clear sky.  Sadly we couldn’t load the driver that goes with the telescope camera, so the moon was captured the new old-fashioned way with a digital camera on a tripod.

The moon looked great over the Ouachita Mountains tonight.


Adding flash to the picture taking added a yellowish cast to the supermoon.
Supermoon captured without flash. f10, 1/200 sec, ISO 125.