Along came a spider

Our brown recluse spiders are rarely reclusive. They generally hunt at night, but this one was out at breakfast time feasting on a juicy fall armyworm.  And this fall, the worms are the only thing that seem to be more talked about than the weather. As their name suggests, these moth larvae appear in large numbers and will eat through anything green: crops, pastures, lawns. Insect experts say Hurricane Issac is to blame for helping sweep the moths northward into Arkansas. With recent rains greening up lawns and pastures, the armyworms are eating well, reducing grassy areas  to dirt in just two days.

After reaching a certain size, the armyworms are hard to control with bug spray, but birds, brown recluses and other predators are hungrily doing their part.

BREAKFAST — Brown recluse spider, minus a leg, enjoys a big, fat fall armyworm.