Autumn colors 2013

Here it is late October and the Ouachitas are just beginning to turn.  Even though the woods are mostly green, there’s still plenty of autumn color around. Photos taken today and yesterday.


A little yellow

A good day for all things yellow on the mountain today.

Balancing act

Foraging carpenter bee draws pollen from our lavender patch.

Carpenter bee hangs on when lavender plant bends under he weight.
BALANCING ACT – Pollen-laden carpenter bee hangs on as the lavender plant bends under her weight. She almost looks like she’s in yoga’s plow pose, with her legs sticking up over her thorax. Carpenter bees are very curious. When out photographing, often these bees (which are generally solitary, unlike honey bees) will hover in front of you, rising and dropping, as if sizing you up.

Almost torrid, very florid

It’s been warm here in Arkansas. National Weather Service records show that during February 2012 there were only four days where the temps fell to freezing or below and there were two days in February that hit 80 or higher. In January, there were only 13 days that saw lows at freezing or below and three days hit 70 or above.

The warm air and warm soil temperatures accelerated this year’s flower show.

LAVENDER -- Flower spikes reach for the sky on a gorgeous blue-sky day.
IN BLOOM -- Little lavender plants from a big box store fare surprisingly well into their second season on the mountain.
NOTHING BUT SUNSHINE -- The coreopsis that came in a native wildflower seed mix has produced blooms almost non-stop since last summer. A great choice for brown thumb gardeners like us!
YELLOWBEARD -- A colleague from the office shared cuttings from her prolific irises.