Ants and brambles

The somewhat cooler, moister weather has spurred ants into more activity.  These large ants were scrambling along the end of a blackberry bramble branch. Not sure what they were after. A few feet below, red ants were swarming the carcass of a green anole.  (Photo not published. Might not go well with breakfast.)

Large ants crawl over young blackberry leaves.
Large ants crawl over young blackberry leaves.

Night light

A parabolic mirror that rests on one of our sills can cast a very bright spotlight through the window at night when the room light is on. The spot is a magnet for nocturnal insects. This very fuzzly moth parked himself right in the middle earlier this week.

Moth against a dark background.
THAT’S ME IN THE SPOTLIGHT — Moth makes a nighttime stop on a lighted window.