Weekly photo challenge: Changing seasons

Fall and winter are trying to gain a foothold here in Arkansas. These shots came from one of the few frostly mornings we’ve had here in Central Arkansas  — cold snaps sandwiched between days with highs in the 70s, a few thunderstorms and the occasional tornado watch.

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Ice near STL

Warmish April on the ground. Antarctic at cruising altitude. Ice crystals climb toward the sun outside the Super 80 somewhere near St. Louis.

LATT(ICE) -- Ice crystals create a delicate scaffolding.

The shapes are oddly reminiscent of cloud chamber tracings and barbed wire, also bringing to mind  the thorns in the background of Marianne Stokes’ “Madonna“, or the intersecting lines on 16th century maps.

Fall color III

Hardwoods don’t have a monopoly on fall color. Sometimes, you just have to look a little more closely at the landscape.

TORTOISE SHELL -- No doubt the reddish spots are some kind of fungal disease, but when backlit, this blade of Johnsongrass looks almost like tortoiseshell.
PURPLE -- Johnsongrass seedheads mellow into a deep mauve.
COLD COLOR -- High altitude ice crystals are the prism for this rainbow.
FALL FLOWERS -- Late purple asters live up to their name, still blooming in early October.