The nectar games

When the competition at the feeder was too rough, some hummingbirds opted to find nectar in the wildflowers below. The competition there was pretty good too — what with all those butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Here, a hummingbird goes for what must be the juiciest flower in the garden, since the butterfly was already there.

7-26 HB-Butterfly8-Edit
7-26 HB-Butterfly7-Edit


Hummingbird season has started here in central Arkansas, but sadly, we have lost one of our regular visitors, probably due an crash with our living room window. Finding him on the sidewalk presented a rare opportunity to take a closer look at one of these incredible birds. The iridescent plumage was almost unreal — like metal.  RIP Napoleon II.

Hummingbird feathers
FEATHERS — Closeup of ruby throated hummingbird feathers.

Robin. No batman.

For some reason, robins like to hang out in the garden bed outside my office window. This fellow and a few other youngsters were hopping and flopping around in the mulch.  A tiny hummingbird showed up too, to take advantage of a few flowers in the shrubs, but was quicker than the camera shutter. Really, I should be working.

Juvenile robin spreads his wings.
Juvenile robin looking up