Signs of spring

About nine days ago, Arkansas saw record low temperatures. Today, the sun is shining and the mercury hit 69 degrees by mid-afternoon. It’s the perfect day for a photo safari and time to take to the deer trails and old logging road in search of spring.

Spring puts its foot in the door

Winter-weary as we are and with a chance of snow lingering in Tuesday’s forecast, spring is struggling to keep its foot in the door. In downtown Little Rock, trees are showing lots of bud swell, with blooms and leaves ready to burst forth. Further west, on campus, daffodil leaves have pushed above the soil. Here on the mountain, we’re a few weeks behind. However, spring is showing its colors. Below are photos taken this morning.

SWEET — This very sweet smelling shrub is among the first to bloom each spring, but this year, it preceded even the violets.
PROTECTED — A bluet pushes up between fall leaves.