Weekly photo challenge: Free spirit

The midsummer sky here on the mountain is filled with dragonflies, but as autumn approaches, the numbers decline. Here on Labor Day weekend, there are only one or two zipping and weaving across the blue.

FREE SPIRIT — One of the last of summer’s dragonflies hovers, darts and circles about on a hot Labor Day.

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Weekly photo challenge: Summer (I)

Summer? Sandy Hook. Wildwood. Monmouth Park.  Mungo Jerry. “Close to You.” Water pistols and nickel punks. Bikes with baseball cards flap-growling  in the spokes. And when it got really hot,  we begged Dad (the man in charge of all things lawn-related) to deploy that ultimate weapon against the July heat: the sprinkler.

SPRINKLER — It just wasn’t summer without the oscillating sprinkler on the front lawn and a trio of giggly girlfriends running and jumping through its streams.
DROPS — What summer fun looked like if you wore glasses.

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The itsy bitsy spider

Tarantulas are beautiful creatures. Because of their round bodies, thick legs and hair, they almost seem cute, in an arachnoidal (is that a word?) way. This little one was on the sidewalk this morning as I made the rounds with the mower and weed whacker. He was about an inch and a quarter in diameter.

Jumping spiders are also cute, with their fuzz and their big eyes, but tarantulas take the cake.

Little tarantuly
FUZZY -- A small tarantula on the sidewalk.