Weekly photo challenge: On the move

This week’s challenge is On the Move. Here’s what’s been moving in the trees.

Bee among the peach blossoms.
BUZZIN’ — Honey bee buzzing peach blossoms in April. Faster than my shutter, the motion blur is all his.
Yellow butterfly.
IN FLIGHT – Yellow swallowtail zooms through the Ouachita woods. These big-winged creatures can really speed. Hard to pan and follow.




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February’s flowers

Feels more like Florida than Arkansas in winter today. Daffodils have run amok everywhere, as have henbit, spring beauties, dandelions, quinces and even the tree buds are swelling, getting ready to birth the first leaves.

The lawn this afternoon was full of  tiny flowers that look like four-petaled forget-me-nots  and the mysterious sweet jasmine-like flowers that pull honeybees out of hiding.

STAR SPANGLED -- Blue flowers scattered across a field of green.
GROUND LEVEL - Tiny blue flowers hug the ground.
POLLEN-COVERED -- Honeybee is powdered with pollen as he makes his rounds on a warm, sunny February day.

Dance of the fieries

This fall has truly been a treat. Perfect weather and lots of activity in the fall blooms. Hard to believe we’re in the last half of October.

DANCING -- Two fiery skippers appear to perform an airborne tango in the garden.
LIT -- Sun warms this fiery skipper.

WING -- A closeup of a pearl crescent wing.