Skin deep

Sometimes, beauty is skin deep. Our under-the-porch friend left a present for us — a long, robust snake skin in two parts. The final few inches that included the head scales was still stuck in the entrance to his lair. Decided not to stick my hand in to retrieve it.

INSIGHT — Head end of the skin left by an Eastern coachwhip.
FRONT TO BACK — Sunlight filters through to the belly scales.
TAIL LIGHT — The end of the line.
LONG WAYS — The snakeskin stretched out was about 4 feet long.

Herp-y April!

More of our local reptiles showed themselves on April Fool’s Day. The long coachwhip stuck his head, and a few inches, out from under the porch and a big fence lizard made himself at home on the deck.

CAN YOU SEE ME? -- Big Jake, the big fence lizard, finds the deck's outdoor carpet to be a great place not to be seen hungry hawks.
COMING OUT -- The under-the-porch coachwhip comes out for some sunshine on April Fool's Day. It was our first sighting of him (or her) this year.
EYE ON YOU -- The coachwhip turns to face the photographer. It's tough stalking a snake!

Snakes in the garden

When the weather is so beautiful, it’s hard to stay out of the garden. Last week, some largish rocks were moved as part of a minor bed renovation. Underneath were the first snakes of the season — two very bleary worm snakes very much in need of some caffeine.


Worm snakes
Eastern worm snakes (at least I hope that's what they were) get a rude awakening during a garden bed renovation.