Birds of a feather

This week’s photo challenge is all about partners. A pair of goose parents spent the afternoon shepherding their small flock of fluffy yellowy goslings. Both parents were very protective of the youngsters, dashing at, and chasing off, anything or anyone venturing too close. This family was on the shore of a lake in a Memphis suburb.

4-15-16 Goose Family


The teeny, weeny grasshopper claimed the coreopsis flower for his own after the painted lady butterfly moved on to its next nectar source. In the earlier photo on the bottom, it almost looks like the grasshopper is ducking while the butterfly feeds.

6-11-16 Pipsqueak6-11-16 Share and Share Alike

Eye to Eye

There’s no doubting the power of eyes — you know, windows to the soul and all that. This week’s photo challenge, Eye Spy, asks us to give the eye a second look.

In the photo below, two very well-camouflaged creatures eye each other warily.

5-10 Eyeball to Eyeball.jpg

Eyes were a topic of an earlier post as well, as in this pensive primate at the Little Rock Zoo.



All y’all, it’s fall!

Fall has definitely made its presence known here in the Arkansas Ouachitas!

Nitrogen-fixing beauties

Legume flowers burst forth after a timely rain, making late summer forest floor look like spring.