The accidental eagle

The continued quest to take decent bird pictures meant a stop by the pond on the way to work on Feb. 7.  The buffleheads were sailing around in the mist and the sunrise was glowing coral. Rolled down the roadster window to snap a couple of frames and then continued the morning commute. Not until this morning when the shots were downloaded did something else appear — white head and tail feathers at the far side of the lake. We’d seen the Ferndale eagle around New Year’s Day flying straight over the house, with no camera in hand, and wondered if we’d see him again.

WHITE FEATHERS -- Thinking this was just going to be a photo of a sunrise and waterbirds, it was delightful to see the white head and tail feathers of a bald eagle appear in the upper left of the image once downloaded into the laptop.

Incoming geese

The drive to work was enlivened by an incoming flight geese. [Click on the photo so it opens on its own page; then enlarge it from there.] The first frames show the flock, silhouetted by the rising sun, on final, then flaring for landing.

Montage of incoming geese
Geese arrive at the pond with the sunrise. (cellphone photos)