Travel Theme: Liquid

Alisa’s challenge this week is liquid. Below are two shots of soda straw stalactites being formed. Water from last night’s half-inch rain slowly worked its way through the concrete in the deck, leaching calcium carbonate ¬†and adding tiny amounts to these hollow stalactites before the water droplets fall to the ground. Although they can grow very long when left undisturbed in caves, the longest of these dissolving deck formations reached 2 inches before falling to the ground.

Black and white edition

Spring has been mighty impatient with the winter. Quince, forsythia, plums, cherries and pears are all in bloom. Forget- me-nots and spring beauties add color to the awakening turf. The air smells wonderful. The colors are breathtaking after a winter of desaturation. But this post is not about those colors.

Striated shale
Beautifully banded shale found on the morning walk.
Matched set
A matched set, separated naturally.
Buffleheads take off.
These birds took flight hoping to escape the lens of the frightful photographer.
Thistle Rosette
Trod not upon me, sayeth the thistle. Despite the its prickly nature, the thistle rosette displays radial symmetry.
A land urchin awaits barefoot prey.