Beauty underneath

Sometimes, the side facing away from the sun presents a better view. These fungi, a rather nondescript white on the top, were quite elaborate underneath. Gazing up the trunk of this tree, the beautiful and distinct rills and curves reminded me of the elaborate scrolls of a Corinthian column capital.

Fungus rills

Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting

The water strider’s place in the world is fleeting, subject to the whims of wind and water.

Water strider on the surface of a creek.
WALKING ON WATER —  Water strider skates along the surface of a Ouachita mountains creek.

And the source of all these fleeting moments:

Ouachita bouquet

The eastern Arkansas Ouachita Mountains have been generous this spring.

Smoke from a distant fire

A prescribed burn in a neighboring county sent a long plume of smoke across the southern horizon.

VIRGA -- Virga from two clouds form funnel shapes against the setting sun. The dark cloud close to the horizon is from a prescribed burn near Adona.
SMOKE SIGNAL --Plume extends for miles across the sky, clinging to the horizon.