Pollinators in the brambles

The brambles have bounced back nicely from last year’s drought with pink blooms beckoning pollinators of all kinds. It won’t be long before we’ll have to dust off that blackberry cobbler recipe.

Alien produce

Plenty of things grow in winter in Arkansas, including these sunchoke tubers. Inflicted Given as a gift from a friend, these natives can run wild quickly. In summer, they produce cheery yellow flowers, a lovely contrast to the blue sky.

The tubers are edible, however, finding a good recipe for them has proven elusive. This same friend has boiled, baked, dehydrated, mashed and au gratin-ed them. (mind you, this friend can make acorns and chickweed taste great.)  Still, the tubers defy, um, conventional tastes. Maybe this should be an Iron Chef secret ingredient.

Sunchoke tubers
Sunchoke tubers awaiting a bath and a peeling.