Stormy Saturday

Arkansas and the rest of the mid-South have gotten a belly full of fierce weather in the last two weeks.

Our prayers are with the families in Oklahoma and western Arkansas who lost loved ones in the wave of tornadoes and flooding.

Stormy sky
BOILING CLOUDS — A sign another round of storms wasn’t far off.
Three strikes of lighttning
THREE STRIKES — Composite of three frames showing three lightning strikes within one second. The trees in the foreground are about 50 feet from the house.

Zzzzzap! Pow!

Cold air from the north and west met up with our 80-degree spring day, producing powerful storms. Here’s what we saw this evening.

Napoleon is mad …

And who wouldn’t be? When was the last time we had a dry weekend? (well, OK, last weekend WAS an exception!) ┬áMore than 4 inches of rain has fallen since noon Friday and Sunday arrived complete with another barrage of lightning, thunder and a few chunks of hail for good measure.

Ruby throated hummingbird
Napoleon, the only ruby-throated hummingbird on the deck, takes command of the high ground on between heavy rain. He and the rufous hummingbirds constantly battle for control of the feeders.
rain gage
Four inches and counting ...