WordPress Photo Challenge: Texture

Texture would seem to be such a simple thing. Wandered around among the trees and weeds looking for anything new that would really fit the challenge. (Our previous post, “Coral Fungus,” would’ve been perfect). So here’s what we found today:

8-9 AlumMountain
Crumpled aluminum foil in the kitchen.
Intertwined white stone and black algae.
Black algae meets flowstone in front of the house.
Soft white feather in grass.
A shed feather stands upright, caught in blades of grass.


Extra textures we loved:

Falling to earth

Some avian treasures fell to earth, waiting to be discovered in the office parking lot before the work day began.

BROKEN — This half of a robin’s egg was sitting in office driveway. Guessing from the small peck hole at the top and the lack of yolk on the pavement that this was was the castoff from a hatching and not the leavings of a raccoon’s breakfast.
WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?– Like the rare tossed coin that falls neither heads or tails, this feather’s shaft managed to find a crack in the parking lot and land upright.