This red-spotted purple probably escaped a predator at the cost of a wing and the ability to escape again. Though grounded, he continued to spread his wings in the sunshine.

Red-spotted purple butterfly with one wing.
STILL BEAUTIFUL – Red-spotted purple butterfly warms himself on the roadway.

Weekly photo challenge: Escape (UPDATE 2)

“If I could just make it over the top of this rock … escape is in sight!” — Quoth the spiny caterpillar.

Thanks to our friendly neighborhood extension urban entomologist for the ID on this fellow and his kin:  the Eastern Buck moth, Hemileuca maia.

Yet another update — It seems we’ve got this whole escape thing backwards where the buck moth caterpillar is concerned.  See “Look, but don’t touch, buck moth caterpillars.”  Run away!


Black spiny caterpillar.
Single caterpillar tries to make a break up and over a rock. One face of the rock  in the woods was covered with scores of other spiny brethren.

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