White pelicans

Pelicans are birds we usually associate with points south, such as Florida or Louisiana. Even though Arkansas is in the birds’ wintering area, it’s still exciting to see them. Here, white pelicans dot the Arkansas River between Ozark and Altus, the epicenter of the state’s wine country. (Drive-by iPhone photo taken Feb. 17.)

White pelicans on the Arkansas River near Altus.
PELICANS — White pelicans on the Arkansas River near Altus.

Life’s a blur

It’s often said that as you get older, life’s a blur. Now we have photographic evidence. [Just a little drive-by photo fun.]

Motion blurred cattle.
Cattle graze in a field below Crowley’s Ridge in eastern Arkansas just off U.S. 70.
Blurred concrete bridge.
Old-style concrete bridge as we speed along U.S. 70 in Monroe Co., Ark.
Row crop field.
Rows are sharp, but the rest of the image blurs as we roll past this field in Lonoke Co., Ark.