There is something lovely and delicate, yet so primitive about dragonflies.  Oh to see one of their Permian ancestors, the meganeura, with their 2-foot wingspans. Today’s dragonflies happily dine on mosquitoes.  Considering their non-vegetarian leanings, perhaps it’s best the meganeura are admired from a safe distance in time.

TEN SPOT SKIMMER — Rests near a parking lot catch basin.
PROFILE — Dragonfly camps outside the office window.

Weekly photo challenge: Movement

Up here on the mountain, the summer sky is filled with dragonflies. They all seem to be heading southward; swimming and bobbing in the warm air currents like corks in a choppy sea.

Ever try to photograph dragonflies in motion?  Their unpredictable flight makes panning difficult and nearly impossible for autofocus to follow.  So, this week’s entry into the weekly photo challenge is a bit of a cheat. To compensate for a slow shutter and no motor drive, this week’s image is a montage  — slices of video taken  in the camera’s movie mode.

TRAJECTORY OF A DRAGONFLY — After a fashion. Dragonflies don’t really fly in an arc or a straight line. Their flight path is more like that of  a bad day at helicopter pilot school. 

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