An after market telephoto lens with really terrible optics can still create intriguing images with its distortion. In these images, rain falling through 29-degree air is coating branches and pine needles with ice.
Branches with icicle stubs. Having fun with terrible aftermarket lens. Jan. 11, 2015.

Stars and stripes

Bought an accessory for *Gamera the Sony camera — a telephoto lens.  As far as optics go, it’s a case of you get what you pay for, and we didn’t pay much. However odd and distorting and color-changing the lens is, in the 48 hours we’ve had it, it shows some promise as a tool for creating, um, unusual images.

*We also bought a duplicate of Gamera off eBay, one whose flash works. This was a case of getting a whole lot more than you paid for, and I just love this camera.

Weekly photo challenge: Inside

Looking at the world from the inside out for this week’s photo challenge.

INSIDE STORY — Netting keeps keeps humans contained in the appropriate places at the Minnesota Zoo.
THROUGH THE GLASS WAVY — The bright summer colors are muted through fluted glass.

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Who doesn’t like lobster?
A vintage take
No doubt about it!
From inside an abandoned factory
Courgette from the inside
Inside the glacier
Stained glass
Inside view of India nnd Nepal
In my beak, please!