Crescent moon

When we’re on the road, I always keep a camera at hand. And surprisingly there are times when the old iPhone 4 can do better than the little Sony camera. This was one of those times – twilight and shooting a target 240,000 miles away out of the passenger window at (ahem) the speed limit. It took a more than a dozen shutter clicks to finally get the moon in focus while the trees of the Arkansas Delta rushed by.
6-6-16 Crescent Moon US 70.jpg

Weekly photo challenge: Pure

Late spring and it’s nesting time for the long-eared sunfish. While the water in this urban creek is not strictly pure, it is incredibly clear. From one of the bridges over Coleman Creek, the circular outlines of their nests (last photo below) are visible.

6-7 Three Sunfish-crop

6-7 Nesting Sunrish
These nesting fish take any intruders very seriously, darting aggressively to chase them away.
At the center of each stone circle is a fish ready to defend its territory.

FLYING CORNCOB AND ROTATING LIMA BEAN: Just another day of air travel

When it comes to airports, it seems only fitting that large-scale architecture get large-scale art. At least, that’s the thinking at Atlanta’s Hartsfield. Some may find these bits of public art a bit silly, but the child in me finds them absolutely delicious.

Corn cob transformed into a jet.
CORNAIR — Jet powered corn cob, ATL. Taken Oct. 24, 2015.
Carrot sculpture at ATL.
WHY YES — It is a rotating lima bean on a giant carrot. Why do you ask? Taken at ATL, Oct. 24, 2015.

Flights of geese

The Arkansas Delta is part of the Mississippi Flyway, that great highway for migrating fowl. Yesterday, driving through the Delta around sunrise, traffic on the highway was heavy —  filled with huge chevrons of geese winging their way to warmer climes. Arkansas’ rice and sorghum fields and the grain that falls from harvest equipment, are very attractive to the millions of hungry geese and ducks that make Arkansas home for the winter.

Hundreds of geese in flight.
IN FLIGHT — Hundreds of geese stretch across the sky in formation, part of the annual migration southward in the Mississippi Flyway. taken Nov. 15, 2014.
Geese in rice field.
BY THE HUNDREDS — Geese resting in a harvested rice field on U.S. 49 in the Arkansas Delta.
Chevrons of geese against a blue sky.
CONTAILS — Geese against a background of contrails.

Fire in the Delta

This week’s photo challenge is Let There Be Light.

The sun set the sky on fire. A beautiful end to a day of thanks.  All taken along I-40 and U.S. 70 east of Little Rock.

Others who switched on this week’s challenge:

U.S. 70

With the coming of Interstate 40, U.S. 70 takes a back seat to its now busier younger brother.  Though it dates back to 1926, U.S. 70 is far from abandoned, cradling main streets through many cities as it winds its way from Arizona to North Carolina. An interesting look at the bridges of U.S. 70 can be found at

Abandoned building on U.S. 70 near Forrest City, Ark., offers its walls to trees, vines and other wild things.
The lift-span trestle bridge at DeValls Bluff is silhouetted in the setting sun. Built in 1924, it was retired in 2004. Traffic now moves over the White River on a sturdy, but plain Jane, concrete span to the south.