A desperate metaphor

Once again, the demands of work have trumped blog life* and my apologies to you, dear reader,  for not being able to take time to visit and comment on your blogs or keep this one updated. And just because I believe visual content is important to enhance the verbal:

Deer-chewed branch
Desperate metaphor — A deer-chewed branch representing work eating into blog life!

*But we’re trying to catch up!

Our Sunday Visitor

We had a pair of Sunday visitors today, a beautiful healthy doe and her speckled fawn. They grazed up the south slope under our bedroom window, then continued breakfasting westward toward our well house. After about 15 minutes, the pair  turned south back into the woods.

Bucking Fawn
YOUNG BUCK -- A fawn bucks playfully, bouncing off his mom, giving her a bit of a start.

Grazing fawn

Fawn in Driveway
EXPLORING -- A fawn explores the driveway while mom browses.
 Doe Fawn Walking
SINGLE FILE -- Doe and fawn walk single file to browse in the shade.
Deer Kiss
KISS -- Baby gets a little reassurance from mom.


Pink is the color of the weekend on the mountain.

Pink bordered yellow moth
A late summer moth who appears better garbed for an Easter parade.
American beauty berries
These incredibly magenta berries on this French Mulberry account for the "ish" in the title of this post.
Pink flowers
These pink wildflowers sitting under the pines are a big draw for late summer pollinators.
Pink legume flower
Cooler weather and the return of rain has prompted generous growth of these wild legumes.