Bonkers for honkers

The neighborhood pond is a favorite stop for small flocks of geese who make the rounds in the county. It’s also the wintering duck hole for some very skittish buffleheads.

GANDER IN THE MIST -- Canada geese sail around the pond as mist rises from the surface on a frosty December morning. The steam envelops a small flock of buffleheads in the background.

Winter is a fickle muse

Arkansas’ winter has been predictably unpredictable. In the 60s one day, snowing the next. Today was one of those warmish days, and if you looked in the right places, you might mistake it for spring.

IN BLOOM -- The flowering quince on the south side of the office doesn't seem to realize that it's still only early December.
JUST DANDY -- Sunny dandelion takes its chances in early December.