Weekly Photo Challenge: New

What better theme to start the new year with, than “new?”

For years I’ve been wanting to make a custom-flavored gin.  Santa obliged this Christmas, and in cahoots with my husband, put a gin-making starter kit under the tree.  The infusion process began today with a juniper berry bath. Tomorrow, we’ll start experimenting with the botanicals to create something new. (And tasty. We hope.)

Juniper berries in a bottle.
Juniper berries taking a vodka bath.

(A little cardamom here, some black pepper there, a smidge of lavender or lime … the possibilities are endless.)

Other visions of new we liked:

Weekly photo challenge: Good morning!

From my office window some 200 yards away, my eye was caught — again — by the startling salmon color of these surprise lilies. This group was backlit by the morning sun filtering through the canopy around it.  Especially beautiful was how the sun lit up the bases with a glorious chartreuse glow.  These lilies have been popping up all over town, random beauty in the Arkansas autumn.

Surprise lilies in the woods.
Surprise lilies backlit by the morning sun.


And say good day to these good mornings: