Me and my shadow

Yesterday morning’s sunrise helped create an orange glow over the western horizon where the moon was setting.  While setting up the shot, this dark line appeared in the view finder — a shadow cast by a contrail. The shadow is in the top shot, the contrail is in the bottom shot.

Contrail's shadow
Contrail’s shadow.
Control against wispy clouds.
Contrail against wispy clouds.

Weekly photo challenge: Up 2

Looked up this morning and saw a contrail crossing the face of the sun.  Plenty more “up’ at

Contrail cuts across the sun's disk and the ice ring in the high clouds.
Contrail cuts across the sun’s disk and its ice ring in the high clouds. The tiny black dot in the upper right is a crow.  This appears dark because it was shot through one of the polarized lenses of my sunglasses. Don’t have a polarizer for this camera.