We love ladybugs

What is it about beetles that make them so darned cute?  Is it their shape or their color? Or the way they move with those little legs churning away under that bubblelike shell? Each winter, we have scores of ladybugs come out of hiding and make themselves at home inside the house. We feed them. We sprinkle water near them to drink and watch them fly spirals under the lights at night. If it’s warm enough, we encourage them to go outside and find some aphids, scale insects or other pests.

Indoor ladybug on a glass.
Indoor ladybug on the lip of a glass. This one circumnavigated the rim over and over and over.
Ladybug on the sidewalk.
Ladybug outside on the sidewalk.

Weekly photo challenge: Focus

Been a very beetle-intensive morning.  Here’s a look at a simple change of focal point to go along with this week’s challenge.


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This little scarab was on a roll this morning, speeding this just-under-golfball-sized ball o’ deer poop (from the pig Latin ooppay) across the road. His treasure safely on the south side of the road, he burrowed into the leaf litter.


There’s nothing like a stroll around the office before the work day begins to clear the mind, enjoy the sub 100-degree temperatures and find delightful surprises like this massive 2-inch-plus beetle. (not to mention four whole cents in two days!)

GIANT –When you’re this big, it’s OK to have a dirty face.