Me and my shadow

Yesterday morning’s sunrise helped create an orange glow over the western horizon where the moon was setting.  While setting up the shot, this dark line appeared in the view finder — a shadow cast by a contrail. The shadow is in the top shot, the contrail is in the bottom shot.

Contrail's shadow
Contrail’s shadow.
Control against wispy clouds.
Contrail against wispy clouds.

Skull sky

Here in Arkansas, where the Gulf of Mexico sends its warm, moist air streaming northward, and the Jet Stream regularly imports cold air from Canada, we’re no stranger to the scary skies that are generated when the two forces meet.

However, this sky image is scary in another way: More creepy than a green tornado sky and something more akin to the images of fear and horror seen in some German Expressionist cinema. Found the image this morning when cleaning off the SD cards in the digital cameras. This was taken September 2012 from our deck looking southwest.

SCARY SKY -- Skull-like formation in the clouds over central Arkansas.
SCARY SKY — Skull-like formation in the clouds over central Arkansas. (Untouched by Photoshop.)

Weekly photo challenge: Big 1

Mother Nature can really throw some heat — and light.  For this week’s big challenge, we offer big examples of what she can do with her electric pitching arm.

TWIN CHANNELS — Big lightning strike to the south.
BIGGER LIGHTNING — This lightning bolt and the expanding column of super-heated air and water all aglow. Don’t mess with Mother Nature when she’s in that mood.

More Big:


We never tire of the skyline out here in the woods. Here’s what we saw this evening:

ASSEMBLED — Pieced together panorama sweeping from south (left) to west (right).
TO THE NORTH — Towering cumulus catches the sun on the north side of the house.

Stormy weather

We’ve had our share of spring thunderstorms in the urban-wildlife interface.  Among the more interesting phenomena is how these threadlike clouds rise like ghosts from the bottom of the valley and seem to walk in unison along the tree tops until they dissipate.

Clouds rising from the valley
Clouds rise from the valley after a late spring storm.
storm rages overhead
A tree stands silhouetted against roiling storm clouds.