Color on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau

Cousin Dang sent dozens of photos from her journey into China (including the unhappy looking monkey of the previous post.) The prayer flags are a beautiful expression of faith.

Peanuts again?

My adventurous cousin took another exotic trip to China and Tibet. These two photos reminded me of Blossom the Groundhog  and her peanuts, except this primate seemed a lot less happy with his treats.

PICKY — This monkey in China’s Sichuan Province picks over peanuts given by tourists.
YUM? – This monkey doesn’t seem too happy with peanuts again. (“I’d settle for a banana … A moon cake? Candied lotus pods? Anything but peanuts. PLEASE!”)

Moon festival

Today’s  full moon marks the annual Moon Festival. One of the best things about the Moon Festival are the moon cakes. These delightful molded and glazed pastries are filled with sweetened bean or lotus seed paste and a cooked egg. To see some serious and not-so-serious samples, visit this post about Cheeky Moon Cakes.

My mother, a Thai whose father spent some time in pre-Communist China, introduced me to moon cakes as child. It seemed funny to have beans in  dessert, but one bite convinced me there was no reason to believe that Vigna angularis  was not up to post-entree duty.

Learn more about the Moon Festival.

FULL OF ITSELF -- The full Sept. 12 moon sets over western Arkansas.


My adventurous cousin has provided more photos from her extensive sojourn in China, this time in Xi’an in central China, whose settlement dates back at least to the neolithic.


Elaborately painted roof trusses in Xi'an
Elaborate designs and bright colors mark these roof trusses in Xi'an.
Lanterns Grace the Streets
Red lanterns grace the streets in Xi'an.
Looking out the window of an ancient building.
A window in an ancient building opens onto the modern in Xi'an.
Elaborate Garbage Can
Even the garbage cans are beautiful -- this dragon-topped bronze garbage can cover keeps the aesthetics right in Xi'an.