Weekly photo challenge: Free spirit

The midsummer sky here on the mountain is filled with dragonflies, but as autumn approaches, the numbers decline. Here on Labor Day weekend, there are only one or two zipping and weaving across the blue.

FREE SPIRIT — One of the last of summer’s dragonflies hovers, darts and circles about on a hot Labor Day.

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Jan. 29 and 75 degrees

Here it is late January and according to the National Weather Service, it hit 75 downtown.  However, as is often said, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” There’s a slight chance of snow in 72 hours.

Buffleheads noodling around the pond.
Chipmunk enjoys a warm morning.
Squinting chipmunk enjoys a warm morning.
Cardinal in a tree
Cardinal gazes out from his perch.
It was so warm, it was a good day for car washing.

The late summer blues.

March 1, 2013, UPDATE: Thanks to Dan Chaffee, who ID’d this as a red spotted purple. Will have to hunt harder!

Some days, you just get the blues, in a good way. The Diana fritillary butterfly is the state butterfly of Arkansas.


Diana Fritillary butterfly
This Diana fritillary butterfly rests in the driveway while the truck gets a bath. These beautiful blue butterflies have a rather limited range, preferring the Ozarks, Ouachitas, Appalachians and Piedmont areas. We’re glad to have them here in the Ouachitas.
Blue morning glories
Blue morning glories reach for the sun.
Diana frilliary butterfly
After chasing these butterflies for a year, finally, FINALLY, clear images. This one stuck around for hours during car washing day.